Navigating the complex world of transport and logistics.

In the ever-evolving landscape of transport and logistics, DELIVER-IT has emerged as a dynamic player with a unique approach. Established in 2018, this Belgium-based company provides transport solutions tailored to their clients' needs. DELIVER-IT prioritizes open communication, quality, and an engaged team as pillars of their success. "Speed and value addition are paramount, particularly in situations where even a minor delay can have significant consequences. Our adaptability and communication are the keys to our effectiveness, especially in a landscape with varying procedures across different sectors." Peter Allard, Managing Director.

Peter Allard, Managing Director

Company focus

DELIVER-IT's commitment to quality and high standards is underpinned by their GDP-MDR and ISO 9001-2015 quality labels. The company offers 'round-the-clock' service, operating 24/7. The DELIVER-IT team views its clients as partners and understands the importance of delivering on their promises. This collaborative approach extends to their network of partners worldwide who contribute to their ability to fulfill commitments.

Peter Allard highlights the critical role of logistics, describing it as 'a tiny yet incredibly vital link at the beginning or end of a complex chain.' He firmly believes that strengthening this link enables the rest of the essential work to flourish. He says: "Sometimes, delivering a sample is less critical than picking it up. We prioritize direct communication, a crucial element. If something goes wrong, it's imperative to pinpoint the issue immediately, enabling swift resolution. Transparency is paramount; our shipments are continuously traceable, not reliant solely on computer systems."

Opening up to ATMP:

DELIVER-IT has hands-on experience with ATMP shipments and a strong track record in medical technical transport, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. They've transported biopsies, finished products and stem cells across Europe. The company recognizes the ATMP landscape's evolving nature as an opportunity, not a challenge. Their specialization in low-volume, high-value shipments perfectly aligns with the promising ATMP horizon.

DELIVER-IT thrives on knowing the critical factors when receiving a shipment request. Providing transport milestones and taking swift action, whether handling it themselves or collaborating with partners, all rely on accurate data. Take the example of temperature and time control, paramount in ATMP logistics. They have it covered and are exploring the potential use of drones for these niche deliveries.

Learning and growing together:

There is still a lot to learn from each other though. Working in academia and transport are two different worlds. Engaging with startups is a priority, as it allows DELIVER-IT to share insights into the specificities of transport and gain a better understanding of the unique needs of the ATMP sector.

"We need to understand the 'nature of the product' and the entire transport process." To keep their team on the cutting edge and aligned with their mission, DELIVER-IT goes the extra mile. They provide additional information to their drivers, ensuring they're well-versed in the intricacies of healthcare transport. Wouldn't it be great to involve experts to directly address drivers, fostering a culture of ownership and continuous learning within the team? And realize a future where ATMPs are transported with utmost care, precision, and a commitment to making a difference in patients' lives." Peter Allard