GDP Training - November 16th

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GDP Training all staf 

When a ATMP developers or manufacturers send pharmaceuticals, they need employee(s) that have completed a GDP training. This is required by Belgian law and will be a point of focus during an inspection or audit.

Our partner 4Advice has extensive experience in this area and has developed an ATMP focused GDP training.

Topics covered include:

  • GDP;
  • global guidelines regarding transport and storage of pharmaceutical and other time and temperature sensitive shipments;
  • the obligations regarding GDP according to the legal guidelines from FAMHP;
  • the position of the RP for GDP.

Participants will receive a certificate after successfully completing a test. This personal certificate is valid for 2 years.  

The program consists of a full day program. The number of participants is limited to ensure an interactive learning experience. Tickets cost 285 euro, VAT excl. 

GDP Training center

ATMP Logistics Excellence Center

Galileilaan 15 Niel, 2845