ATMP Supply chain challenges Conference 2022

Roundtable 1: DATA along the ATMP value chain

Roundtable 2: TECHNOLOGY

Tickets Available : Roundtable 1

The ATMP supply chain is extremely precarious. In case of autologous therapies we are literally dealing with vein-to-vein logistics, in which the patient is the centre around which the supply chain is oriented, being both the provider of the starting material and receiver of the therapy. The highly personalized character of these therapies enforces an airtight chain of identity. Another complexity is the time critical aspect of the ATMP supply chain, where any delay or loss of the product may result in the death of a patient. Mitigating risks, ensuring undisrupted supply and tracking the product throughout the entire process, is key. This roundtable will focus on the importance of data sharing throughout the ATMP value chain and the extent to which enabling technologies can exclude human error. 

GDP training for staff

If you, as a (ATMP) manufacturer or wholesaler, send pharmaceuticals, you will need an employee(s) that must have followed a GDP training. This is required by the Belgian government and must be demonstrated during the audit.

When you follow this training, you will receive a certificate after successful completion of a test. This personal certificate is valid for 2 years. In addition, during this training, topics that are directly related to the ATMP world will be discussed. 

Roundtable 2: Technology

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