The ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre is focused on the ATMP supply chain. We contribute to effective and trustworthy solutions by supporting both ATMP developers and supply chain solution providers. An important step in that process is connecting both worlds and facilitating communication. Our events are excellent occasions to learn and connect.

ATMP Supply Chain Conference - February 8th

On February 8th we are hosting the second edition of the ATMP Supply Chain Conference, diving into both opportunities and challenges related to ATMP. Join our audience of ATMP developers, pharma shippers and supply chain solution providers. We look forward to update you on the ATMP landscape, to provide information on the endeavours of the ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre and to inspire you with key notes on both centralized and decentralized supply chain models in ATMP. Discover the program and speakers here.

GDP training - November 16th

When a ATMP developers or manufacturers send pharmaceuticals, they need employee(s) that have completed a GDP training. This is required by Belgian law and will be a point of focus during an inspection or audit. 

Our partner 4Advice has extensive experience in this area and has developed an ATMP focused GDP training. 

Participants will receive a certificate after successfully completing a test. This personal certificate is valid for 2 years.