Roundtable 1 : DATA

'The complexity of sharing data along the ATMP value chain.'

March 23rd

The ATMP supply chain is extremely precarious. In case of autologous therapies we are literally dealing with vein-to-vein logistics, in which the patient is the centre around which the supply chain is oriented, being both the provider of the starting material and receiver of the therapy. The highly personalized character of these therapies enforces an airtight chain of identity. Another complexity is the time critical aspect of the ATMP supply chain, where any delay or loss of the product may result in the death of a patient. Mitigating risks, ensuring undisrupted supply and tracking the product throughout the entire process, is key. This roundtable focused on the importance of data sharing throughout the ATMP value chain and the extent to which enabling technologies can exclude human error.  


14h00 Keynote speaker 

Peter Hinssen : 'The Never Normal' 

15h15 Roundtable

Moderator: Frank Van Gelder 


  • Ingrid Maes (Inovigate)
  • Andreas Göbel (Hypertrust)
  • Erik Agterhuis (Supply Chain expert - Life Cell Science)
  • Martin Lippens (Deloitte)
  • Jacques Parlongue (MyCellHub) 
  • Herwig Mannaert (NSX)

"Collaboration with regulatory authorities is key, as Katapult in the UK has demonstrated with the MHRA. Ecosystems, such as the at.las network here, have an important role to play as intermediary, facilitating collaboration between developers and regulators." Jane Wells, Cryoport Systems

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