Expeditors International

Transforming expertise into dynamic logistics solutions 

Expeditors International, based in Seattle, USA, operates a global network of over 340 locations across six continents. The Belgian office was one of the first ones in continental Europe thanks to Belgium's strategic geographic position and strong reputation in logistics. As a service-based company, Expeditors doesn't own transportation assets, granting them flexibility in supply chain management. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, covering the entire supply chain.

Andy Faes, Regional Manager Healthcare Vertical Europe

Expertise in healthcare logistics

Healthcare accounts for the largest business sector of Expeditors' overall activities, with a specialized focus on healthcare in their Belgian location. Key priorities include regulatory compliance, product security, and end-to-end shipment control, from research and manufacturing to distribution. To meet these challenges, Expeditors offers tailored solutions and fosters seamless collaborations throughout the supply chain. Special emphasis is placed on training, security, and service excellence. The company's centralized approach often exceeds European regulations, aligning closely with stringent national standards and ensuring consistent, high-quality training.

Tradition meets innovation in pharma logistics

Expeditors collaborates with over a thousand companies in the healthcare and medical device sectors. Operating under Good Distribution Practices (GDP), the company provides tailored, compliant solutions to maintain a controlled supply chain. Their approach employs globally standardized procedures and real-time monitoring until the final destination is reached.

"The healthcare sector is traditionally viewed as slow to adapt, but with the right systems in place, rapid responses are more than feasible. This was particularly true during the COVID-19 crisis, where we had a pivotal role in distributing essential medical supplies and were the first to deliver vaccines to the U.S. Our well-established Quality Management System enabled this swift response." Andy Faes, Regional Manager Healthcare Vertical Europe at Expeditors

Relevant Experience in ATMP and the road ahead:

ATMP may be a specialized sector, but Expeditors is fully convinced of its transformative potential. The sector's unique logistics challenges, ranging from patient-specific needs to social responsibility, demand uncompromising precision. Academic institutions and smaller ATMP players often lack formalized logistics processes, presenting an opportunity for mutual growth and collaboration. Expeditors is proactive in developing efficient and specialized logistics solutions tailored for ATMP.

Through close integration with at.las, the company engages with multiple ATMP stakeholders. While an initial focus on compliance may dictate a measured pace, it lays the foundation for robust procedures and ensures product quality. "Active participation in at.las workshops and stakeholder dialogues enable us to identify sector-specific needs and develop services that have global applicability". 

What is a key focus area within the ATMP sector that deserves attention?

"Sustainability is an increasingly important issue. The demand for products is high, and there are multiple touchpoints and stages involved before the products reach the patients. This results in a significant amount of transportation and logistics considerations. Therefore, it's crucial to keep sustainability at the forefront of our thinking. Streamlining the process through intelligent measures—like consolidation of resources and collaboration among universities—can play a vital role in enhancing the sector's overall sustainability."concludes Andy Faes.