Roundtable 2: Technology

'The requirements and safeguards necessary when it comes to shipping and tracking an ATMP.' 

May 11th

ATMP's are unique therapeutic products, often developed out of the patient's own cell material. Shipments are temperature sensitive and time critical. Loosing a shipment or delivering a product to the wrong patient may directly result in a loss of life. Choosing the right carrier for a shipment is always important, but even more so in the context of ATMP. This session focused on available carriers and state of the art tracking devices, suitable for the ATMP field.



14h00 Keynote speaker

Eddy Weygaerts : 'Sharing his experience on the different technologies which enables the distribution of the vaccins (-80C° mRNA) worldwide in the past 3 years. '

15h00 Roundtable 

Moderator : Frank van Gelder(Mediconed & Pharma.Aero)


  • Eddy Weygaerts (Pfizer)
  • Davy De Block (4Advice)
  • Guy De Meester(Emball'iso)
  • Michael Debeuckelaer(BioCair)
  • Andreas Göbel(Hypertrust)W
  • Wim Hugo Eeckelaers (Cold Jet) 

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Hypertrust Patient Data Care enables pharmaceutical and biotech companies to design, set up, plan, orchestrate, operate, and scale a frictionless supply chain. We ensure highest data security based on latest technology, decentralization, and pharmaceutical standards. 

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4Advice provides pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers worldwide with audits, consultancy, internal support, project management, training and many other services. 

We also have our own GDP training center, where we regularly organize GDP training for both white-collar workers and blue-collar workers.

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