Jade Verrept is co-founder of at.las (Leveraging Affordable Solutions for Advanced Therapies), a Flanders based ATMP community focused on the acceleration of ATMP development.

Jade Verrept

at.las / Science Park

Bert Elsen is an expert in GDP and the pharma supply chain. He is manager of the ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre, which assists ATMP developers in setting up a resilient supply chain.  

Bert Elsen

ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre

Jessica Torfs is an end-to-end supply chain professional. At J&J she is part of the ATMP team where she currently leads the Vein to Vein operations in EMEA. 

Jessica Torfs


Erik Agterhuis is an expert in shaping, implementing and optimizing the supply chains of biotech companies, especially those active in ATMP.

Erik Agterhuis

Life Cell Science

Tim Aerts is Director Operations Strategy at Galapagos, with extensive  experience across Operations & Supply Chain leader within the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry. 

Tim Aerts


Davy De Block has experience in setting up logistics network strategies. With regard to ATMP he has helped determine and deploy a best in class shared services logistics setup. 

Davy De Block

4 Advice

Melissa Van Pel is experienced in basic, translational and clinical research. She has in-depth understanding of the issues arising in each phase of ATMP product development.  

Melissa Van Pel


Dr. Toon Van Genechten is a pediatric oncologist and researcher at the University Hospital Antwerp. He is currently working with a dendritic cell-based vacine.  

Toon Van Genechten

University Hospital Antwerp

Jan Schrooten has extensive experience in biomaterials and tissue engineering. As co-founder and CEO of Antleron on a mission to enable personalized manufacturing of ATMP's.   

Jan Schrooten


Agnieszka Cooijmans is business director EMEA at Cryoport. She provides supply chain solutions for clinical and commercial manufacturers of ATMP's.  

Agnieszka Cooijmans


Nathalie Cools is founder and managing director of anicells, an accelerator platform for cell therapy products. She is also an associate professor at the University of Antwerp.   

Nathalie Cools


Jeroen Buskermolen is process engineer at Galapagos and has extensive experience in innovating and optimizing processes, using and integrating new equipment. 

Jeroen Buskermolen


Charlotte Meuldermans is senior manager at Deloitte Belgium, where she specializes in the life sciences supply chain focusing in particular on ATMP.    

Charlotte Meuldermans


A healthcare and supply chain specialist, Frank van Gelder has succesfully supported numerous projects related to critical supply chains, IT health applications and medical educational projects.     

Frank Van Gelder

Mediconed / pharma.aero

Peter Allard is managing director of Deliver-IT, a Belgium based supply chain solution provider focused on tailormade solutions. 

Peter Allard


Sander van de Weg is an Application Specialist Clinical Solutions at Miltenyi Biotec with a focus on providing ATMP manufacturing solutions. 

Sander van de Weg


Bastian Friedrich has extensive experience with setting up cell and gene supply chains and is the driving force behind the Arvato X-cellerator. 

Bastian Friedrich


Liesbet Geris is a professor in Biomechanics and Computational Tissue Engineering at the University of Liège and KU Leuven in Belgium.  

Liesbet Geris


Loïc Struyf heads the Customer Success team at N-SIDE Life Sciences, accompanying pharmaceutical companies in the optimization of their clinical supply chain.   

Loïc Struyf


Sergio Navarro is an expert in immunotherapy, specifically in CAR-T manufacturing and treatment follow-up in haematology malignancies.

Sergio Navarro Velázquez

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Ruud Das is Chief Scientific Officer at Scinus Cell Expansion with extensive experience in large-scale cell cultures and bioreactors.

Ruud Das

Scinus Cell Expansion