Pioneering innovative solutions for cold chain monitoring

Innolabel is an innovative company with over a decade of experience providing tailored solutions for monitoring essential parameters throughout the cold chain. Established in 2010, they excel in the distribution of temperature control solutions, including cost-effective labels and advanced software systems to track and manage critical data points. In the past year, Innolabel has expanded its team to three dedicated professionals, gearing up for exciting new projects across various industries. "We continually look for the latest technologies and trends to provide our customers with the most advanced and efficient solutions on the market." Chris Van Sebroeck, General Manager.

Chris Van Sebroeck, General Manager (Left) - Tom Massy, Sales Consultant (Right)

Versatility for excellent monitoring

Innolabel takes pride in monitoring every critical parameter that impacts product quality, ensuring a comprehensive approach. Their specialization covers a diverse range of parameters crucial for maintaining product quality. Whether addressing the shelf life of blood bags, meeting the precision demands of grit filters, or ensuring the safe handling of shock-sensitive materials, Innolabel's solutions are adaptable across various industries and over the entire chain, from production to the end.

They customize solutions to meet specific requirements and maintain valuable collaborations with specialized manufacturers, positioning themselves as a one-stop shop for labeling and monitoring solutions. While Innolabel may not have direct experience in the ATMP field yet, the company does bring relevant expertise to the table. They have a solid track record of working with sectors like pharmaceuticals, defense, and military hospitals, advising on product selection and customizing solutions to fit specific needs. This includes collaborating with organizations like Biocartis for precision cell transport, where tailored solutions were created to meet unique requirements.

Opening up to ATMP:

"ATMP is the future. It is exciting to get to know the field and to discover, together with the ATMP players, their needs. We do know that time and temperature are crucial in the last mile, but there are other aspects to discover. For instance, we need to understand whether users require detailed data or if knowing when a specific value has been exceeded suffices. This allows us to choose the most cost-effective solution that aligns with their needs. It's crucial that users have clarity on how to use these solutions effectively", says Chris Van Sebroeck, General Manager.

Innolabel is well-positioned to play a role for the ATMP chain, bringing its expertise and adaptability to address the distinctive challenges the young ATMP sector faces.

"Our strength lies in our ability to explore the field and tap into our extensive network of suppliers. We are a small company, but our size can be our advantage since it allows us to be flexible and tailor solutions to meet the unique demands of the ATMP sector." Tom Massy, Sales Consultant.