Navigating the complex logistics with precision and care.

In the world of international logistics, HAZGO stands out as a specialized service provider, operating from Brussels Airport and maintaining a global presence. Their expertise spans from disease control and hazardous materials handling to the meticulous management of R&D samples and IVF logistics. With ISO and IATA CEIV pharma certifications, HAZGO is committed to upholding the highest quality standards. What sets them apart is their agility, unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance, and hands-on approach to solving intricate logistical challenges.

Gregory Moriau, Operations Director

Tom Heymans, Managing Director

Expertise and Flexibility

HAZGO operates across diverse sectors within the supply chain, offering specialized services in:

• IVF Logistics

• R&D Sample Management

• Handling Dangerous Goods

• Disease Control

Their work in IVF logistics, in particular, bears relevance to the ATMP field. Here, HAZGO meticulously manages transportation conditions, employing:

• Cutting-edge 'dry shippers' at temperatures as low as -179°C

• Real-time tracking for precise monitoring

• Stringent temperature regulation and monitoring

• A dedication to "just-in-time" logistics for on-time deliveries within agreed-upon windows

In IVF logistics, HAZGO collaborates closely with all Belgian hospitals, always keeping the patient at the forefront of their focus due to the sensitive nature of the materials being transported. This same level of sensitivity aligns with the requirements of the ATMP field, where materials being transported carry potential life-altering implications. Exceptional sensitivity and dedication to customer service are paramount in both domains.

Gregory Moriau, Operations Director: "In addition to our work in IVF logistics, we have extensive experience in working with - both academic and industry – scientists. We know the specific needs of shipments related to research and clinical applications. Being flexible is part of our DNA, to ensure that deliveries meet precise temperature and time requirements."

Exploring New Horizons in ATMP:

Tom Heymans, Managing Director, acknowledges the ATMP sector as both niche and emerging, presenting unique opportunities: "Joining the ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre aligns perfectly with our specialization in tailored logistics solutions. We are well-positioned to serve the smaller, agile firms in the ATMP field, aiming to utilize their established logistics expertise for new collaborations and uncover specific, unmet logistics needs within this burgeoning sector."

With a commitment to precision and a keen eye for detail, HAZGO navigates the complex world of logistics, ensuring that every shipment, whether related to life-changing medical procedures or groundbreaking research, arrives on time and in perfect condition. They don't just deliver, they care.