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The ATMP supply chain is extremely precarious. In case of autologous therapies we are literally dealing with vein-to-vein logistics, in which the patient is the centre around which the supply chain is oriented, being both the provider of the starting material and receiver of the therapy. The highly personalized character of these therapies enforces an airtight chain of identity. Another complexity is the time critical aspect of the ATMP supply chain, where any delay or loss of the product may result in the death of a patient. Mitigating risks, ensuring undisrupted supply and tracking the product throughout the entire process, is key. This roundtable will focus on the importance of data sharing throughout the ATMP value chain and the extent to which enabling technologies can exclude human error.

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Pharma.Aero is a leading international cross-industry collaboration platform for LifeScience and MedTech shippers, certified cargo communities, airport operators and other air cargo industry stakeholders that ideate and develop projects addressing air transportation challenges and opportunities. 

The mission of BSMA is to help supply chain professionals build an effective and efficient supply chain STRATEGY for the Life Sciences industry by developing, advancing, and disseminating best practices, knowledge, and research; to INNOVATE by encouraging and promoting the highest quality and clinical outcomes in patient care and welfare; and, to build a COMMUNITY of thought and practice leaders from the business, professional association and academic sectors for information exchange, shared services, and collaboration. 

at.las (Leveraging Affordable Solutions for Advanced Therapies) is a young ecosystem relevant for all stakeholders involved with or passionate about advanced therapies. Initiated by researcher-entrepreneurs, at.las has hands-on experience with the many challenges developers face when bringing an advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) to the market

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